Olive the other reindeer!

Today a package arrived containing some clothing I ordered for Olive- a Christmas dress, a dress to wear on my birthday, some tights and this little sweater.

Guys, my baby is wearing a SWEATER. She’s getting so big!

Last night Adam volunteered to be on nighttime baby duty so I pumped a few bottles, but he only needed one because this little girl slept from 12:00-6:30am (and in her crib no less!).

And then after taking her bottle she slept for three more hours.

For new parents this is like winning the lottery- and hoping you keep picking the right numbers every day from now on because holy shit it’s awesome!

I keep trying to figure out what it was that inspired this miraculous event- was it the crafts we were doing with her all night? The Daddy Dubstep Dance Party ™? The blanket we swaddled her in? The position of Venus? I WISH I KNEW.

Now that I have tasted the delights of a 6.5 hr stretch of unbroken sleep, I want MOAR.

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