Hey guess what? In a stroke of genius (and possibly bad parenting) I have discovered that if I prop up the front of my breastfeeding pillow on the edge of our computer desk I can blog – hands free!

Shit just got real! I just gained like 25 minutes of writing time every two hours! I have no excuse now. Seriously.

Today has been delightful so far. It’s sunny again, I got out of the house and walked around downtown, went to the library to get some books, even had lunch with little O sleeping soundly in the ergo. It was a perfect morning.

I also stopped by the post office (because me town is so small that everyone has PO boxes instead of home mail delivery. Before moving here I didn’t even know this was possible in Canada in 2012. But, here we are.) and in our particular PO box sat two lovely little packages, containing two lovely little O’s!

One was the wall hanging I ordered from Etsy a few weeks ago, and the other was a sweet gift from my friend Lisa, a necklace with a simple letter ‘O’ in typewriter font – an homage to both my writing and my daughter.

The necklace was made by a friend of Lisa’s, Trisha Flanagan – her shop is filled with gorgeous jewelry and this was such a sweet gift and a wonderful suprise.

I think this is my very first “mom” gift…makes me want to cry!

In other news, this morning Adam and I were staring at each other bleary eyed over coffee (I had half a cup..we’ll see if it awakens the demon) and as I took in Adam’s disheveled hair and deep under eye circles I thought to myself, “Self, your husband could really use some self tanner.” because this is one of my go-to lazy person beauty secrets – you always look better with no makeup and bags under your eyes if you have a bit of a tan.

As I thought about offering Adam some of my chemical-laden self tanning cream I suddenly remembered having this exact same thought four years ago, except four years ago I didn’t suggest it, I just stealthily DID it.

Every night I would offer adam a relaxing facial massage, but instead of using normal cream I would use self tanner, because I knew he’d never agree to it otherwise. After four or five days of this I went in to his work to meet him for lunch only to find him peering worriedly in the mirror.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I think something’s wrong with me” he said anxiously, “My skin looks really weird. Like..it’s orange or something. I’ve been eating all of those carrots, do you think it’s making my skin change colour?”

And I couldn’t stop laughing for about fifteen minutes and every time I tried to come clean I would start up again because honestly what’s more ridiculous, secret nightly self-tanning sessions, or thinking that carrots are turning your skin orange?

We are taking our first ever road trip with baby for the long weekend, going to visit Adam’s family. His mom and his older sister are currently embroiled in a bidding war to see who’s house we (well, baby Olive actually, I have a feeling we are just incidental) will stay at. Last I heard, Adam’s sister Christine had offered me a Swedish masseuse ( or maybe just a massage by said masseuse…the offer was a bit unclear) and we are eagerly awaiting his mom’s counter offer. Who knew having a baby could be so lucrative!

I’ve been totally slacking with baby pictures lately, taking most of them on my phone rather than hauling out the big camera, but I really need to get better with this because Olive is developing a hilarious hairline that has receded off of her forehead in all but one spot, so she has this strange little v of hair in the middle of her forehead completely independant of any other hair. A little hirsute island. we really hope she grows out of it, but in the meantime we need to document it as much as possible for future mocking.

Alright nursing time is over – and look how much I got done! hands-free multitasking for the win.

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