Last night Olive slept for 4 hours, then 4 hours, then 3 hours! Do you know how many hours that is total? 


The first four happened because Adam took her and danced her to sleep while I put together last night’s blog post. Once I had finished up, I tried to go to bed while she continued sleeping, but as is the curse of all new parents I lay there rigid, alert to every sound, thinking she’d wake up any second. I wasn’t able to sleep but simply lying down was quite nice.

The second four hours we BOTH slept and it was glorious and angels sang and gold rained down from the heavens and all was good in the world.

The three hour stretch this morning was punctuated by the most obscene grunts and squeaks, I have no idea how she was sleeping at all. This little eight and a half pound creature was flailing her limbs, squawking up a storm but out like a light – impossible! 

 I tried to doze in and out during the quieter moments of her grunting soliloquy with limited success but still, AWESOME.

And what happens when I get more than 2 hours of sleep in a row? I GO OUTSIDE!

Yes! ME! Staples McC-section! I had enough energy and sanity to bundle Olive up in the Ergo, grab my grateful hound and set out on a walk. A walk OUTSIDE! In the fresh air! It’s the first time I’ve worn her, the first solo dog walk post-surgery.

It was brilliant, just a quick jaunt lasting about a half hour but it went well and I’m not in too much pain after and DAMN do I feel productive, guys,I left the house today!And it wasn’t a disaster!

I tell you, these low expectations are really working out for me.

(P.S. There is no Instagram filter that will remedy undereye circles and lack of makeup in natural light. Trust me, I tried. )

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