Here we are, just basking in this sweet dreamy haze of new parenthood- day three of this sweet girls life.

Friday was easily the most transformative and surreal day- ever.

The c-section went approximately 18 thousand times better than I thought it would and I’m healing well, I can walk around and lift things and even get in and out of bed by myself- oh LA!

Adam has proved himself an expert baby soother and diaper changer, Olive is a champion pooper and making a valiant effort to learn to breastfeed (although she seems to enjoy sleeping a little more), and we’re just thoroughly, sickeningly fascinated with every little twitch and funny expression that passes across her sweet face.

We’ll stay here at the hospital for one more night, enjoying this warm little cocoon, and then we take our daughter home to rejoin the real world and let her big brother give her a good sniff.

Thank you so much for all of your kind words and congratulations- we couldn’t be happier!

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