It is this young lady’s birthday today, she turns 21 years old.

She is the youngest of all my four sisters, I was 7 when she was born and consequently I think I remember her childhood the most.

She always seemed like an old soul, our little caboose. She was particular and liked planning, used to have a little office at the top of the stairs for all of her treasures, neatly arranged.

She described this as being “organated”.

Our baby will share an astrological sign with this sweet sister of mine, the Libras. Last and first.

It reassures me, thinking about another order-loving member joining our little family, one more planner to balance out the happy chaos of Adam and Gus.

If our baby is anything like Mawney- thoughtful, smart as a whip, vivacious and creative- I have a feeling we’ll be juuuust fine.

Happy birthday baby sister!

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