For someone who has had absolutely nothing to do today, I have gotten very little done.

Things I meant to do:

  • Take pictures for the 35 week post
  • Write the 35 week post
  • Walk Gus
  • Call the hospital to reschedule my IV
  • Renew our account for a local grocery delivery service
  • Call UPS to pick up my used Tassimo pods to send back to Terracycle
  • Write a post about the tarot card spread we did for the baby last night (Seriously hilarious. And accurate. And hilariously accurate)
  • Write about how we have mice. And rats. (BOTH! Because twice the fun!)

What I actually did:

  • Napped
  • Waited around for the pest control guy to break up this here little mice and rat party we got going on. Yayyyyy…?
  • Chatted with my elderly Hungarian neighbour, who is quite concerned that I am too small, and will have a small baby -am I sure I’m eating enough? And do I want her to knit me anything else? Do I like cabbage rolls? And I’m having a boy…I know that, right? And she noticed our lights on late last night, am I getting enough sleep? (I seriously adore this woman, she is so sweet.)
  • Drove around picking up used baby stuff
  • Made a considerable dent in that wheel of brie

In conclusion: I have not been productive. And this post is a fake post until I can get my act together to write a real one. Hopefully tomorrow. Unless I am incapacitated by finding a dead rodent under my sink. In which case all bets are off.

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