I’m in the need of new pregnancy/mommy/blogs in general….i assume you must have great blog taste. Care to share any links?! Thankzzz! PS – are gummi keys a canadian thing? I am a gummi enthusiast and have never seen them! Your blog has made me start wondering things like “I wonder if Canadians have Trader Joe’s?” or, “Why don’t WE call it University?”

Mommy Blogs are a tricky thing. And while my taste is debatable, I can be a picky and capricious reader- as such my blogroll is a little empty right now. Especially of “mommy blogs”.

It’s such a strange territory, so many are doing it and so few are doing it well, although I struggle to define what “doing it well” means exactly.

It’s challenging to devote an entire blog to your offspring and retain the rapt attention of people other than your family, and when it does happen, when you do manage to attract the gaze of hundreds (or even thousands, as some have done) it begins to raise questions: Is is exploitation? Is it creepy that complete strangers know your children’s faces, their names, their struggles with sleeping through the night and potty training?

This is a long-winded and unnecessarily contemplative way of saying that I don’t regularly read a lot of Mommy Blogs at the moment. Girls Gone Child  sticks out as one of the “big name” bloggers that I have consistently loved and never lost interest in.

Rockstar Diaries can always be counted on to fill me with envy for her skills in photography and her sweet life filled with hardwood floors and natural light (not to mention her drop-dead adorable kids. [See? Isn’t that creepy?])

I worry about including the names of some of the smaller ones I read because I don’t often read them consistently and I don’t want to leave anyone out, but one that has always stood out both for her honesty and precision in writing is Ashley Etc.

I usually answer questions privately but I thought I’d publish this one in case anyone else has any suggestions  – please feel free to add them in the comments.

P.S. I sincerely hope that sour keys aren’t just a Canadian thing – if so, you guys are missing out on far more than just universal healthcare! I’ve always called them sour keys but I’ve heard them called sour soothers too? And I never understood the University/College divide – in Canada we have both, but I think universities are understood to be a bit more academically oriented, while colleges tend to be more vocational. 

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