This weekend was absolutely lovely. My mom arrived on Friday evening, here for one last visit with Pregnant-Madeleine before I become Mama-Madeleine. She told me from the get-go that she was here to do “practical” preparation stuff, and we definitely checked those boxes – although we did manage to squeeze a few fun things in there too!

On Saturday that gorgeous man I live with turned 32, and after making him breakfast in bed we left him to his own devices for a few hours while we went and got spa-ed. I got a manicure and pedicure – the latter was sorely needed after a summer of walking around in sandals and not being able to reach my feet well enough to do a home pedicure like I usually do every few weeks. It felt *so* good to be pampered!

Then we went to the drugstore and my mom made me buy giant overnight maxipads for postpartum recovery (and let me tell you, if you’ve never used pads, staring at a wall of flex-fit, pH balanced, aloe-infused, winged and wing-less pads is a little bit overwhelming.) She also had gone to a medical supply store before she came and stocked up on disposable mesh underwear for me (NOT as sexy as they sound – ask Adam who got a funny birthday morning fashion show of me wearing those and a nursing bra…oh LA!)

We bought a thermometer (Can you tell my mom used to be a nurse?) and then stocked up on food for the freezer.       

That night we took Adam out for dinner after giving him his gift “From Baby G” – an Ergo carrier. We tried to make him wear it but he was too busy staring at the box and having a panic attack. Maybe next week.



We had delicious Thai food and of course some birthday cake. I brought 32 candles from home, and when I asked them to bring out a dessert for Adam at the end of the meal they had to bring 4 to fit all of them!


Sunday was full of shopping – we may have broken our “not buying anything new” rule for this adorable snowsuit from H&M, (Adam picked it out) and I have some red wool that’s just itching to be made into a sweet little baby hat to match.


I also got a drying rack, because the way our clothesline is situated I have to climb up onto a stepstool to hang our clothes. It’s been fine up until now but at almost 8.5 months pregnant I feel like I should be scaling back on these types of balancing activities. It’ll also be really handy to dry diapers on indoors throughout the winter.

Aaaand the award for the least sexy purchase of the weekend goes to….nursing bras! Who designs these things? I think because I’ve always had the good fortune of being small-chested, my undergarments have typically favoured form over function. They haven’t needed to do much in the way of lifting or supporting or reigning in, they’ve just been these pretty, flimsy little things that look nice when I change. Well not anymore.

Nursing bras are NOT. MESSING. AROUND. they have wide straps and 3 hooks instead of 1 and they have clips and latches and good LORD. I tried one on and felt like crying (or mooing), not exactly what I was expecting. We also tried to find some nightgowns for me to wear in the hospital – something that wouldn’t touch my incision, and would allow for easy breastfeeding. But between my mom picking out floral victorian-style nighties and Adam picking see-through negligees with furry pom-pom’s, that particular mission was left unaccomplished.

So! Mom is gone now. Adam is 32. I’m still pregnant.



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