It’s time to crowd-source design ideas!

This is a vintage starburst wall hanging that I stole liberated from my sisters house in Victoria.

Adam loathes it and tried to “accidentally” leave it behind no fewer than four times on the drive back. (For future reference, how many times can you “rearrange the trunk” before I get suspicious, Adam? ONCE dude. Once.)

I love it, but (obviously) have been thinking about painting it, as the gun-metal grey seems a bit somber for our room, but what to replace it with? Vintage gold? Mustard yellow? Hot pink? Mint?

(I was leaning towards mint, myself, until Adam helpfully pointed out that our kitchen is seafoam and our bench is mint and our pouf is teal and our baby dresser is three varying hues of of aqua and “It’s all getting a little “50 shades of turquoise” up in here, Madeleine”)

So, you decide! What colour should I paint this gorgeous thing? Should I paint this gorgeous thing? Or do you agree with Adam that this thing is not gorgeous at all but reminiscent of a 60’s living room, or an instrument of torture that threatens to impale you whilst you sleep and then take over the world?

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