Today this little guy turns four! Celebrations will include a long walk, a swim in the river with unlimited stick-throwing and copious amounts of tummy rubs. Also a gigantic meaty bone to chew on, natch.

Aaaand we’ll cap off this fantastic day ‘o fun with a few doses of antibiotics to deal with the overgrowth of chlorio-something bacteria flourishing in his gut (Antibiotics! Just what every four year old wants!)

To mark this momentous occasion I wanted to share this video I dug up of puppy Gus flopping around the living room of our old house when he was about 10 weeks old. I hadn’t watched it in years and when I did I realized that we used to call Gus a little demon too. (Apparently nicknaming our progeny after mythical hell-dwelling beasts is just how we express our affection ‘round these parts.)

Despite the nickname, Gus was a wonderful puppy and has grown into a fantastic, handsome dog. A loyal companion able to clear a room with a single fart, a bottomless well of drool and patience both.

He’s become a best friend to our niece and nephews, and I have no doubt that he will be equally amazing with this new little demon arriving on the scene.

Happy 4th Birthday to sweet Augustus Squid, our first baby.

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