This is a typical day in the life of me trying to communicate with my husband, and vice versa:
Me: Texts Adam to ask him something
Adam: No reply
Me: Texts him again to ask him something else
Adam: No reply
Me: Texts to ask why he doesn’t reply to any of my texts
Adam: No reply
Me: Texts a message filled with capitals and perhaps a few expletives thrown in for colour
Adam: Still no reply
Me: throws phone down in frustration and leaves to walk Gus
Adam: Calls me
Me: No answer
Adam: Calls me again
Me: Still no answer
Adam: Calls me a third time and leaves an exhasperated message usually including the phrase “Why do you even have a phone if you never pick it up?!”
Me: Texts Adam “Saw I missed your call, what’s up?”
Adam: No reply

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