Ok. So I have a love hate relationship with cooking. I’m a good cook, but I prefer grazing myself as well. My husband however is a gigantic guy in the Navy who needs food. MAN FOOD. So I crock pot. It’s the easiest thing in the world. Throw everything in the pot, turn it on, leave it for the day. Bam! Seriously. Try a recipe or two and you’ll see what I mean. Also you can pre-freeze bags of pre-prepared ingredients to throw in the crock pot some other time. Even the prep work is easy. Love it.

This is a fabulous idea. I think Adam’s mom even gave me a crock pot at one point, I’m sure I still have it kicking around somewhere!

The only thing that has stopped me from doing this sort of cooking in the past is that anyone who has seen me before 10 am knows that I am *not* a morning person. I can barely string two words together into a coherent thought, let alone prep and assemble an entire meal (even if it is simply dumping shit into the pot).

These days however, people are delighted to inform me that soon enough I will get no sleep, ever. If this is true (which I sincerely hope it’s not, on the off-chance that dear sweet Demon Baby ends up loving the zzz’s as much as her mama) then there’s probably a way bigger likelihood of this happening, since I’m sure I can manage to toss everything in during one of the 23.5 hours in a day I’ll be awake.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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