26 Weeks


Hello belly!

I’m so late for this one, I’m just trying to hammer it out before 27 weeks is upon us.

To be truthful, I don’t remember anything astounding about week 26, except perhaps the fact that it was the week that Adam dug a hole in the sand for me, so I could lie on my stomach at the beach.

This, my friends, is love.

The moment when I lowered my giant belly into that deliciously sandy indent was, without a doubt, the most awesome moment of the past few months.


Sweeeeeeeeet surrender!

26 weeks was also, incidentally, the last week of my second trimester. I found this out when my Naturopath casually mentioned it in the relaxed preamble to an acupuncture appointment. I then spent a good thirty seconds peeling my jaw off the floor.

I haven’t been ready any pregnancy books, and although I’ve been aware of the weeks passing (it’s impossible not to be aware, my entire life is measured in one-week increments right now) I had no idea that my entire whole second trimester had flown by. WHOOSH.

And so now here we are, in the third and FINAL trimester. Holy shitballs.

I think we’re doing fairly well on the provisioning for baby front. We have the basics covered; a place for baby to sleep (well, sort of, we still need to get a crib mattress), diapers, some things for he or she to wear. We have a car seat, an obnoxiously primary-coloured vibrating chair that I looked at doubtfully before my wise, mother-to-four-children sister-in-law assured me that I would need the chair. I would LOVE the chair.

This woman knows what she’s talking about. So I took the chair.

I’m still looking for a dresser, debating whether to get a change pad or not, trolling etsy for adorable embroidery hoop wall hangings. But yes, the basics are covered.

Despite the provisioning, the weeks passing, the getting bigger and bigger (I’m 128 lbs this week) I still can’t believe there’s roughly 13 weeks left. That just seems insane.

I am filled with amazement and gratitude that I have been doing so well physically thus far (knock on wood!). I’ve felt fantastic, other than a few off-days which can be chalked up to being sloppy with my medication, and although my levels haven’t been wonderful, they haven’t been that much worse than usual.

I feel good. I adore being pregnant. For years I had this nagging concern at the back of my mind that pregnancy would be a disaster for me. I had no idea what effect it would have on my body, or my electrolyte levels. I worried that because this one thing was something I wanted more than anything in the world, it wouldn’t happen. It couldn’t happen.

But it did, and I spend a lot of time being grateful that it did.

26 weeks was when I went out for Thai food with my sisters and my mum, and my baby sister ambushed what could have been a decent family photo by exposing my largesse to the world (or the few people milling around a strip mall parking lot, anyway. And who am I kidding, we never have decent family photos)





Goodbye second trimester, you were a delight. I can’t wait to see what the third will bring.

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