Aaaand we’re back!


Home again, home again. Falling into familiar footsteps, life feels a little like slipping on an old jacket with the elbows worn in. It hasn’t changed but we have, everything fits a little differently.

We slept too much and ate too much, spent far too much money- but that’s a vacation, right? You submerge yourself in excess just past the point of indulgence until it truly is too much of a good thing. Suddenly just like those last dog days of summer that finds you actually wanting to be back in school, you actually *miss* this old life of yours you were so desperate to flee from a week and a half ago.


(A week and a half, was that all it was? It felt like a month.)

I think I can speak for Adam when I say that we feel full up, rested, ready. It was, in a word, brilliant.

I have pictures – far too many pictures. I have stories and memories and just about a billion thoughts that have been rattling around my head these last few days trying to find a way out.

I’ll be trying to sum everything up over the course of the upcoming week, for now it’s just good to be home!


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