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As you read this, I am sunning myself on the deck of a floating cabin. Perhaps I have a cold drink in my hand, or WAIT, even better, a gigantic bowl of ice cold berries. Maybe I am reclined on a chaise, listening to a silence broken only by the lake gently lapping at the shore

Orrrrr maybe Adam and I are slowly tearing each other limb from limb as the reality of being alone, with only each other and a dwindling food supply for TEN DAYS is slowly sinking in. Whose idea was this? (Mine! Oh dear god it was mine!)

Anyway. Regardless of which situation is unfolding at the present moment, I have thoughtfully pre-written several posts to roll out in my absence. Because Internets, I’m a giver. Never forget that. I’ll be back on the 18th.



                                       Photo by Brent Calis Photography

In one of my weekly update posts I moaned about how none of my bras fit anymore, and how I am too cheap and/or lazy to replace them with something that actually fits.

You know, like a normal person.

Anyway, a lovely reader responded (Oh I do so love it when you do that!) and she suggested I buy a particular brand of nursing bra that can be found at Target.

And then I silently wept into my hands for a good twenty minutes because I AM A CANADIAN, eh? We don’t have Target! (except that my sister-in-law tells me they just got one in Edmonton! But that just made me more sad because I DON’T LIVE IN EDMONTON) 

Anyway, after the weeping ceased I kind of forgot about the whole thing and just kept doin’ my thing, cramming myself into my old bras and wearing higher and higher-necked shirts in an attempt to avoid some sort of Janet Jackson-type situation happening.

And then an email from my older brother, the handsome fellow you see at the top of the post. The email read as follows:

So, weird email for the day. I am in Texas for the next 10 days if you need that Target maternity bra.


And THIS, my friends, is how you can spot a guy who’s grown up with no less than five sisters. A man who is so nonplussed by tampons and floral fascinators and, yes, apparently even maternity undergarments, that he voluntarily offers to spend time in the lingerie section of a Target store in Texas to search for a special nursing bra for his younger sister.

Liam, you are the shit.

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