Hey I love your blog, following your pregnancy has been super fun for me since I’m a few (ok a lot) of weeks behind you haha. About your hair, have you tried hot rollers? I know for a lot of people who aren’t very good with the round brush (me) those are an awesome time saver. Just flip your hair upside down when you blowdry and use a normal paddle brush and dry till smooth then pop those bad boys in, do your makeup, drink some tea and bam! Instant volume/curls depending on the size. :)

I have never in my life tried hot rollers!

I am strangely attracted to the idea of swanning around my kitchen in a housecoat and hot rollers, sipping coffee and yelling at kids.

I am going to ask around and borrow some to see if they do the trick. Maybe I’ll make a video of me trying to figure out how the damn things work. It’ll probably involve getting one stuck and having to be cut out.

Coming soon!

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