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I purchased the onesie (OBVIOUSLY). And then this conversation happened.
Adam: So, show me what you bought today.
Me: (after showing him a few other items) … and I left the best for last! You’re going to love this!
Adam: Is it a MacBook Pro?
Me: No.
Adam: Is it sexy pregnant lady lingerie?
Me: Um. Sort of? How about I just show you! *I dramatically lift the onesie out of its bag. It is ginormous and just keeps on coming, like a scarf from a magicians sleeve*
Adam: What IS that?
Me: It’s a one-shoulder, floral-print, floor-length onesie.
Adam: Is it, like, pyjamas or something?
Me: No, it’s a day outfit, obviously.
Adam: On what day, exactly, would you wear that?
Me: Oooh you know…just ERRYDAY!

And then I put it on and pranced around and demonstrated the handy dandy pockets (which I never even knew it had! Even better!) and I think the way he shook his head and couldn’t stop laughing means that he loves it just as much as I do. Maybe more.

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