Adam just finished the last of the sea salt and malt vinegar chips that I had been slowly rationing out over the course of the past week. All I had left was the last bits at the bottom of the bag (AKA the BEST PART) and he ate them.

Ate them all!

I loathe this man right now.

Combine this with the fact that every other person in the world is mowing their lawns right now while my husband is noisily licking his delicious salt-fingers and watching a documentary on arctic mammals, while our porch is slowly being swallowed by 2ft tall grass PLUS the fact that earlier today I saw him open the dishwasher, see it was full of clean dishes, close it again and then WALK AWAY and there is about a 89% chance of homicide in our house right now.

I feel shitty, my pharmacy is out of my medication, my hips are aching and this demon baby won’t stop kicking me and all I wanted was something salty I guess I’ll just settle for my own tears WHY HORMONES WHYYYY?

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