Oh weird, it’s raining. Again.


          Earrings made from acupuncture needles, by RockPaperNeedles on Etsy

Yesterday for the second time, I paid a nice lady to look at my tongue, and deep into my eyes, and then stick dozens of needles into my tender flesh.

ACUPUNCTURE! Not kinky sex magic. (Sorry.)

Six or seven years ago I don’t know if I would have been able to do acupuncture, the needles would have creeped me out. But several years of donating blood and then more years of IV’s and THEN twice-monthly blood tests have more than cured me of any lingering needle-phobia, and now they don’t phase me one bit, I actually find it pretty relaxing.  (The acupuncture that is, not the day to day IV sticking and blood-taking. That would be weird)

Last time I was in my naturpoath focused the acupuncture on my front side, so I had needles sticking out of my forehead and ears, one just below my ribcage, a few in my wrists, and then several in my ankles.

This time she did the back side, so I had a few needles in my legs, some down my spine, a few on the bony protuberances at the base of my skull, one on the top of my head and then several in my wrists again.

Am I grossing you out? Don’t be grossed out kittens! The needles are tiny, like sewing pins really. I was just about to write that you don’t even feel them but that would be a lie and I dare not lie to you lest you get so enthused by my titillating recounting of acupuncture that you book a session of your own and then find yourself cursing my name throughout. That would be bad for several reasons, a) I don’t want anyone cursing me, ever, and b) because you’re supposed to relax and have positive thoughts while needles are sticking out of you.

So. The honest truth is that 95% of them you don’t even really feel beyond a tiny sting as they are flicked in. The other 5% sort of ache, and these are the ones I pay attention to because they tell me what needs working on. I always ask my naturopath which area she just targeted, because each needle is being inserted into a meridian that corresponds with various organs and bodily processes, so it’s sort of cool to see where is being affected. Where your qi (energy) is blocked. 

Last time I went I was just getting over morning sickness and the most painful ones she did that day had to do with digestion and the stomach. This time it was the ones corresponding with my kidneys (weird).

Anyway, after the needles (and after heaving myself like a beached whale off of the special pregnancy pillow that allowed me to lay on my stomach for the duration of the treatment – and also after an unsuccessful attempt at begging her to let me take that pillow home, just for one nightplease?!)I headed to yoga and then to work.

Today it rained. Again. Like it has every day for what seems like the past eight months. I swear at SOME point during this summer I will bust out this giant belly in a bikini and sun myself on the shores of a lake somewhere. MARK MY WORDS friends, it will happen. I will make it happen.

Today I had the day off work, so I went it to help Adam for the morning and then came home, set my oven timer for 2 hours and scoured my house from top to bottom.

(Remember thenesting?Yeah. Still happening).

All the laundry is done. Floors are scrubbed. Mirrors and windows sparkling. Gus has been de-gussed (as much as possible anyway) and his dog bed cover and collar have been washed. I made laundry soap and vacuumed, took out garbage and recycling, I even boxed up all of my “skinny” clothes. Gone from my closet are my tighter shirts, the dress from my glamour photos, anything with a waistband that won’t stretch or be held up by a belly band. I washed a few more cloth diapers I picked up the other day, I did it all!

I even updated the “About Madeleine” section of this very internet blog. Truth. So, if you have ever wanted to know what, exactly, Madeleine is all “about” then holy shit look to your right because YOU mister, are in luck!

My back aches, I’m drinking nettle tea, and as I sit here I can feel the little demon kicking around in my lower abdomen. Basically, it’s been a good day.

Tonight Adam and I are abandoning the beast and heading to a friend’s cabin for the evening. Nothing like a change of scenery for 24 hours or so.

I hope it isn’t rainy where you are. I hope you have sun and lakes and free time to enjoy both. I hope you get to sleep in tomorrow morning, and I also hope that you get to enjoy a hot frothy cappuccino, do it for me okay?

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