20 Weeks


(AKA Five Months, AKA Halfway! Or probably a little over halfway because I feel like the baby might come early-mid October as opposed to late October)

Hello friends! It’s me! The woman who has suddenly turned into a sugar-craving bitch, and appropriately enough, is looking a bit bitchy in her 20 week photo as well!

I am not a sweets person. Put me near a table packed with savoury cheeses and a table laden with rich chocolates and ten minutes later you’ll find me passed out in a goat cheese coma every. time. But lately I’m all about fruit! and ice cream! and candy!

I ate Skittles for breakfast. Do you hear me internets? I ate SKITTLES (SKITTLES! I wish there was a bigger capital letter option!) for BREAKFAST!

I can’t even blame this depravity on cravings, because it’s not a desperate “Must have high-fructose corn syrup at all costs NOW” feeling, it’s just that I now prefer sweetness. I don’t like this new development one bit and I consider it somewhat of a personal affront that my fruit bowl is perpetually empty whilst at the same time a full jar of kosher dills languishes in the back of my fridge.


20 weeks is also the week that I have been telling everyone within spitting distance that I am “nesting”.

  • “Holy shit, I’m so nesting!”
  • “I’m in full-on nesting mode!”
  • “Oh man, I’m nesting so hard right now!”

Is there a more obnoxious word? One friend had the audacity to question how this “nesting” was different than my usual obsession with home furnishings, and to her I say “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, CAROL!”

Anyway. I may have bought some things. Not even baby things, just, things for my nest, okay?! I may do a post on them in the near future because that is just part of nesting.

It is so.

Shut up.


On the weekend Adam and I drove down to the big city to pick up one of said things, and after we purchased it we drove around and ended up along a strange little street under a railroad bridge (it was exactly as sketchy as it sounds) and this street was packed, PACKED with vintage stores. One store was crammed to the rafters with old doors and windows. Seriously. Adam had a vice grip on my arm the entire time we were in there as I was unable to speak English and instead just kept emitting guttural moans at all the lovely old doors and leaded window frames. Think of the things you could do with those windows! SO many things!

At one point we entered a store that called itself “Front St. Antiques” and Adam looked at me and said, “Are we antiquing right now?” and I replied, “Yes! Yes I think we are! We’re ANTIQUING!”

So now in addition to telling people that I’m nesting I like to also throw in that Adam and I spent the weekend antiquing.

[Also whilst antiquing: We were drooling over a ridiculously expensive mid-century credenza (I swear we aren’t usually this pompous- I have never before used the word credenza in my life!) and the saleslady helpfully informed us that it would be perfect height for a change table, then glanced meaningfully at my belly. It’s the first time a stranger has noticed the belly and felt confident enough to assume that it was a baby, and not simply a beer belly. Pretty big deal!]

We have decided that Baby G isn’t going to have a nursery, not right now anyway. We have a two-bedroom house and initially I had plans (BIG plans) to transform our guest room into a the baby’s room, but as the months passed and we broke the news to friends and family who in turn began eagerly planning their trips to come visit us post-birth, we realized that having a guest room might come in handy.

(Especially if they plan on bringing food and/or doing laundry, we figured that giving them a place to you know,sleep, might be fair)

This, compounded with the fact that so many friends with babies have told me that the baby didn’t even use their own room for the first six months, has made me decide that we will just put Baby’s bassinet in our room for the first little while (after which time, presumably, we will be moving). This will also have the added bonus of cutting down on useless baby-related furnishings (See: change table; baby-animal themed decor).

I’ll still be doing a bit of baby-related decorating etc. so I’ll post that when I’m done. (Just hold your breath in anticipation, mmmkay?)

Although Adam was able to feel a kick at 18 weeks and I’ve been feeling them consistently every day, he hasn’t been able to feel one since. I’ll be lying in bed reading, feeling like I’m housing a teensy Lord of the Dance within my womb, but when I call Adam over he sits there for what seems like hours, without so much as a twinge.

Sunday however, we lay there and he felt it again, three strong thumps to his hand.

I swear it just never gets old, the smile it brings to his face.

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