16 Weeks



Ahem. 16 weeks.

I haven’t learned my lesson at. all. so I am going to go ahead and tempt fate again by declaring morning sickness officially over (FOR REAL THIS TIME) and I’m going to continue to push my luck by saying that I feel amazing and the second trimester truly does rock and I am eating ALL THE THINGS!

I am currently 114 pounds, the day I found out I was pregnant I was 115 and I got down to 109 at the lowest of my morning sickness lows, so a bit of a weight-rollercoaster but things are definitely getting bigger so I have stopped weighing myself and hoping to see those numbers creep up, and am instead focusing on eating well.

Anytime from this week until week 20 I am supposed to start to feel baby movements. I am feeling nothing at the moment, and if this child is anything like me at all it’s probably because it is sleeping 18-20 hours a day and sitting quietly reading Leonard Cohen poetry the other 4-6 hrs.

(Then again, if this child is anything like my darling husband I should be feeling ninja kicks or the deep thump thump of dance music or something akin to in-utero parkour. So, could go either way really!)

My baby sister came home this week and has been regaling us with tales of her travels, as well as gifting us with our very first item of baby clothing, an adorable linen shirt with grey elephants on it.

When I was in Thailand a few years back I remember seeing Thai toddlers walking around with little ankle bracelets with bells on them – the bells were so the parents could hear where they were. I asked Mawney to pick up some if she saw them, and now our baby has their first piece of jewelry too.

Today we have another midwife appointment and I’m hoping to talk about home birth vs hospital birth (they are open to both, and in our province we are till able to have a midwife assisted birth in a hospital) and hopefully I can get a little closer to figuring out which one will be right for us.

Adam and Mawney wanted to chart their progress too, so here are my husband and my baby sister doing their best 16 weeks pregnant impressions 😉                                             


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