Beyonce & Jay-Z’s unused baby names:

Given the circumstances, I’ll gladly accept Bey and Jay-Z’s sloppy seconds.

Adam likes Periwinkle Ticklebutt but I’m partial to Vermillion What What myself.


1. Blue Danube
2. Periwinkle Ticklebutt
3. Buttered Bread
4. Midas Goldenpeep
5. Jiggawhat Nickelflea
6. Babylicious
7. Very Rich Infant
8. Liv Bluey
9. Cyrie Glockenspiel
10. Orchid Bentley Perignon
11. Vermillion What What
12. Cerulean Flowerbed
13. Trickle Down Economics
14. Jenga Champion
15. Elegancia Street Cred
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