Hello friends, I have a bunch of new readers and more importantly I’m feeling a bit lazy today so I’ve decided to do a link post, which is kind of like one of those clip episodes from your favorite TV show where the characters say five lines in between flashbacks to older episodes. It’s the lamest thing ever when they do it on TV but I hear that it’s HILARIOUS when you do it on a blog.

  • We’ll start with the time my baby sister almost shat too close to the cupcakes. This story will haunt my sister forever and she had no idea what she was getting into when she gave me permission to write about it. There’s a quote somewhere that goes “Having a writer in the family is like having an assassin in the house. ” It’s true, we are a sneaky bunch.
  • Finally, a nice one for the road, the story of Adam and I that mostly just involves us fighting with eachother, but also features embarrassing pictures of Adam with frosted tips, a soul patch and much, MUCH more!
  • I was going to add a link to the Sex Dungeon post, but I’m sorry it just doesn’t feel right. I was looking at my traffic stats the other day and one of the queries that regularly leads people to my blog is “How to build a sex dungeon” or “Sex dungeon plans” or “awesome sex dungeons” and it’s sort of disturbing. WOAH, woah woah, don’t get all excited – if you want to build a sex dungeon where you engage in consensual sex with willing adults, who are able to come and go as they please, have at ‘er, you are more adventurous and commited to your kinks than I am my friend. But I really do have to go back to that post and add some sort of disclaimer about how totally wrong it is to keep someone against their will in a sex dungeon, and I haven’t done that yet because REALLY?! Does it really need to be said? Apparently so. Anyway. No link.  

(Did I leave any out? I take requests. And you’ll have to request because if you try and find your favorite post using the handy dandy search feature on the right, you’ll realize that it’s just there for show and has little to no actual functionality on this page. HahahahahahahRAGEhahaha!)

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