Yesterday my Mom was heckling me because blogging has been so light around here lately. I told her that it’s been hard finding time now that I’m doing so much yoga.

And then she laughed and then I laughed because, hello first world problems.

Not finding time to blog because of your hectic yoga schedule is a “problem” millions would pay to have. So.

Perhaps not having time isn’t the issue, because although I have lost 6-7 hours a week, it’s not that I’m struggling with.

Before I started February’s resolution, I wrote that I didn’t want yoga to turn me into some prayer-hands doing douchebag who has only nice things to say in between deep breathing and lighting incense.

And to be fair, that hasn’t happened, i’m still a snarky bitch prone to pessimism and guys, I swear I havent bought a single STICK of incense! But.


I have to confess that I feel more still. Internally I mean. The incessant garbling hamster wheel of thoughts and internal dialogue is still there, but I’m somehow detached from it, an impartial observer rather than panicked participant.

It’s been an incredible thing to go through, and I know that there are eyes rolling left and right as you read this but I don’t know what to say.


I’m just enjoying the stillness.

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