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Hello friends! Happy Valentines Day!

It’s almost 2pm so I’m sure that by now you’re comfortably ensconced within a wall of fresh cut flowers, eating rich chocolates and admiring your new jewelry while thinking about the magnificent surprise your partner is planning for tonight, right?

What? No?

I’m shocked, SHOCKED! Dump him.

Hahahaha JUST KIDDING guys! Don’t dump him! Feel better that he hasn’t been pressured by society into buying you red roses with sprigs of babys breath.


Anyway. Obviously we don’t really “do” Valentines Day around these parts, where “doing” Valentines Day means buying gifts and and cards etc. Or I should say that sometimes we “do” those types of things, but they aren’t expected or demanded or pouted and sulked about when not received (except that one year and we’re not going to bring THAT up again now are we?)

Oftentimes Valentines Day around here takes a smaller, quieter tone – instead of lavish displays there are kind spously gestures like coffee served in bed or kisses that linger a little longer that usual or dressing Gus up as cupid for our mutual enjoyment.

I think the scope of Valentines Day is too narrow and should be extended, widened to just celebrate love in general, instead of only recognizing the monogamous relationship, sexy-sexy kind.

If I was more organized and less forgetful, I would have sent out Valentines to my friends and family, everyone we are so fortunate to have in our lives, and I would have thanked them for being there, and for putting up with my horrible track record for making phone calls (and returning phone calls) for being patient when I deactivate my Facebook account every second week, for loving Adam and Gus as much as I do, for enduring my neuroses and obsessions and lethargy and never saying anything about the sheer disgusting volume of goat cheese I consume.

But I’m not organized, and I am forgetful, so in absence of these attributes please consider this my Valentine to you, je t’aime!


                               Je T’aime by Marasca Photography on Etsy

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