This is another episode of Blogging From Bed (Blogging From Behhhh- Heedddd) because we have no computer at the moment.

Haha just lyin’, we have a computer still but it’s sitting in a rats nest of computer wires and cables since we sold our desk on Saturday. I’m also selling our big chairs tonight. It’s all part of our decision to live lightly and also, you know, not give in to Adams hoarding tendencies and also part of my resolution to “create space for growth”.

Call me a dirty hippie (seriously. I know you do so why don’t you just do it to my FACE!) but I am craving that empty space.

I made that somewhat obscure resolution in New Years Eve Day Yoga, while balancing on one leg and twisting my body in and around itself like a spandex clad gumby doll and originally
I meant it in a metaphorical sense.

I wanted to create space in my life for change, but then as the holidays faded into the distance I felt caged in by the rain that happens here oh, I don’t know, roughly every day from November-April (!) and realized that I needed physical space, too.

So, long winded I introspection aside, I don’t have a computer right now and am blogging on my iPhone.

NOT THAT I’M COMPLAINING BECAUSE I DON’T DO THAT ANYMORE but iPhones are great mostly for obsessive Craigslist shopping or following celebrity gossip on twitter or hey, even ignoring actual phone calls from your husband because “Ew! Why is my gossip-box ringing?!”, but they’re not great for typing pedantic missives to tumblr accounts with only your index finger.

(don’t even start with me, people who can thumb text on iPhones. We all know you’re children of the corn so just shush)

ANYWAY. My gossip-box told me that Beysus and Jay-Z had a baby girl, didja hear? Her name is Blue Ivy Carter and I’m going to steal someone else’s thoughts on this when I say that I’ll be protective about the name but secretly not like it.

It also pointed me towards this, this morning, and I mean that was kind of unfair because I don’t know if it’s the four cappuccinos I’ve had or maybe I’m just getting close to THAT TIME but it made me cry. While in bed. Drinking my fifth cappuccino.

Blogging From Bed means I can’t embed links, so let’s do this the old fashioned way.

Listen: Glory, Feat. B.I.C.

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