What? Oh my! Hello Ryan, I didn’t see you there.

What’s that? You want to know what I’M doing? Little ole me?

Well, you know, just lying in bed wearing an oversized teeshirt with the word “Wild” emblazoned in hot pink letters across the chest, if you MUST know.

Hahahaha, what are YOU wearing?


Oh this? Tee hee it’s just a warm magic bag that my husb- um, FRIEND brought me because I’m having cram- um, sexy pains.

I’m in pain because of how sexy I am.

Haha Ryan! Of course that’s a real thing! I’m surprised you haven’t ever gotten it. I mean, Bradley Cooper probably gets MAD sexy pains. Just sayin.

Why yes. Yes that is mustard on my elbow.

A veggie dog if you must know.

Because I’m too tired to NOT eat in bed, okay? SOME of us have REAL jobs.


Geez, People magazine never said you were so judgmental, RYAN.

(Something in my fantasy life has gone horribly, horribly wrong. Help)

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