And The Winner Is…

First of all this giveaway made me feel like Oprah. POWERFUL! I felt like calling the whole thing off and just screaming “YOU get a neck cowl and YOU get a neck cowl and EVERYBODY GETS NECK COWLS! EXCEPT THE PEOPLE WHO WANTED TOQUES! THEY ALL GET TOOOQQQUUUUUEEESSSSS!!”

(If anyone needs Christmas gift ideas for me, I would like a new Caps Lock key for my keyboard. Mine seems to be wearing out)

That said, I am not Oprah, I am but a poor blogger and as such I need to hawk my wares for money, not the materialistic adoration of my readers.

SO. Without further ado… or maybe just a little ado because OMFG this is just so exciting who could it be maybe it’s YOU (but statistically speaking, probably not) unless your name is…

Fullscreen capture 1222011 101553 AM.bmp

GetsTooObsessed! Drop me a line at MadeleineSix(at)Gmail(dot)com with your address, confirming which one you’d like and we’ll see about getting that shipped out to you! (My wallet:  “PleasedontliveinAustralia, PleasedontliveinAustralia.”)


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