This is a paparazzi shot of Catherine Middleton (or I guess Catherine Cambrige now) grocery shopping yesterday in the UK.

Guys, this is weird. Can we just take a second and all agree that this is weird?

Can you imagine going grocery shopping on a Tuesday afternoon, you know, just doing your thang, getting some frozen veggies, almond milk, debating whether or not to spend $9 on a sliver of double creme brie (Yes. The answer to this quandry is always yes) then finally going to pay for your shit and happening to look up and see a fucking camera taking pictures of you at the checkout?

FROM THE CEILING?! Or sprawled on a skylight? Or wherever the hell this photographer had to scurry up to in order to take these shots?

Look I know we’re all hot for celebrities and there are approximately 7 million people prostituting themselves on YouTube right now who would disagree with me when I say this, but I would not want this. Would you want this? Could you do this? Really?

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