Oh Snap!

Today I’d like to introduce a new feature I’m calling “Blogging From Bed” (imagine the jingle! Blogging From Beh-heeeedddddd with your host! Sweet Madeleine! *crowd goes wild*)

Blogging From Bed means blogging on my iPhone, and as such I can’t insert links or embed photos or videos within text posts, so bear with me.

First up, OMFG did you SEE the Hunger Games trailer?! (Go google it! Or YouTube it! But come back after! Maybe I’ll post it in an entirely different video post when I’m done this one!)

When she says “I volunteer!”, HOW she says it, I am so sold on her Katniss. You still have time to read the books before the movie comes out and i don’t want to hear any excuses because y’all know the book is always better.

Second, I got a snarky comment about how I’m not “putting out” enough lately, um first of all anonymous do you remember THIS? (Here’s where, were I not Blogging From Bed, I’d link to that post where I explained that posting would be light until after my hands fall off from all of the knitting my 89- year old ass is doing for the giant market on Nov 25 ohgoditsonly12daysawayfhvdhjgb.)

Secondly, Im terribly sorry I disappointed you, let me just go ahead and refund your mone…OH WAIT.

And finally, you’re not my ninth grade boyfriend Derrick, you don’t get to complain about whether or not I’m “putting out”.

As for the rest of you NOT writing snarky comments, I do apologize. Regular posting will resume shortly.

Boom! Thus concludes this episode of Blogging From Bed ( Blogging From Beh-heeedddddd )

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