For those of you that are new here, I have one brother and four sisters. That’s six (6) children in my family. No, we’re not Mormon or Irish Catholic, just…loving? Apparently? Or incapable of properly preventing pregnancy?  (BURN, Mom!)

Needless to say life was a little chaotic growing up. One of my friends once slept over when we were in High School. She got up the next morning before I did and the only thing she could find to write on was a piece of cardboard, so she scrawled a note and in that note she referred to my family as “the anarchy”. It stuck.  I have never been able to think of a more appropriate title.

My brother and I were always a pair growing up, and as much as I adore him and miss him, I miss sister time too. Like, really miss it. I miss it to the extent that we are cramming everyone into our tiny little house this Christmas and despite the anxiety about everyone making messes and touching my stuff and fucking with me – I CAN’T WAIT!

This is a small taste of the anarchy, featuring Hilary narrating, Mawney’s dance moves, Adam on keyboard and me making a cameo at the end.

I’m leaving it up here until one of my sisters objects.

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