Tufting and bunting and dishes – oh MY!

Some things I am coveting:


1. Tufting. Specifically the tufting on this sofa from Gus Modern (the company is called GUS! Doesn’t that entitle me to a free one?). And actually just this sofa in general, except in Canada we call them davenports. Why, WHY does this amazing davenport have to be so expensive? I love it ever so much. Please I wish it to come home with me.

I KNOW I said I would never buy anything from Ikea again but I might have to settle for the cheap imitation on the right. The likelihood of my ever having a spare $4K to spend on a davenport is nil (champagne taste and beer budget and all).



2. Bunting! I’m kind of obsessed with bunting lately. There’s a crafty lady I know who makes bunting out of recycled coffee bags, and last Christmas one of my friends got me one that said JOY in red letters against a burlap background and I love it. It’s perfect for Christmas and now I am kind of obsessed with just, bunting in general. Even the name delights me: Bunting.


BUNTING! Brings to mind bunny punting.

Ahem. Moving on…


3. Mismatched Plates. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while as it fits into both my colourful home and eco-friendly agendas. I’d love a stack of 8-12 dinner plates that were all the same (or similar) sizes but totally different patterns, colours, styles, eras etc.

This would be the perfect way to replace my aging and dwindling dish supply without spending a buttload of money or creating more waste by buying something brand new. Plus, no stress if one breaks, just go to the Sally-Ann and spend .25 more for a replacement.

OMFG what an amazing idea Ima do it. 

That’s all for the moment.

p.s. Adam discovered the paint post yesterday, I swear to you I would do it all over again just to see the look on his face as he was inspecting our room, trying to find the spot. I made him admit that he couldn’t find it because the stain was NO LONGER VISIBLE and shake on this fact before I pointed out the location. And then dear readers, he got down on his hands and knees and SNIFFED the carpet! 

I have no words. It was awesome. Totally worth the panic and the rubbing and the blotting. Totally.

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