I’m back, exhausted and cloaked in sweat!

First of all, you guys are AWESOME.

Thank you for all the supportiveĀ  emails and suggestions and ideas. Also, it’s pretty clear that my suspicions were correct, all of you WERE our exercising while I sat on my couch devouring books and processed cheese products.

As for the many suggestions flung my way: I do run with music, but it MUST BE exclusively angry-man rap – like Eminem or yes, even Biggie. This is the stuff I usually can’t stand listening to because it’s so heavily laden with blatantly violent and misogynistic overtones, but when I run I am hating life and I need to listen to something with a strong beat and someone crazy yelling about how they’re angrier than I am. I don’t carry water because holding it drives me crazy, and I have thought about joining a running group but again, the group/team factor totally turns me off.

I don’t want to talk to people while I run, I talk to people all day, both my jobs involve talking to people, engaging them in conversation, hearing their problems, finding solutions. I have no patience for that in my downtime.

Please keep the suggestions coming, I appreciate them and would like to learn some awesome jedi-mind tricks to convince my brain to either a) like running or b) not realize that I AM, in fact running. Does such a thing exist?

Also: I downloaded some sort of running app and LO, I ran 3.5 kilometres! That doesn’t seem too shabby. That’s 1.5 kilometres away from running a 5k and getting a snazzy tee-shirt and maybe some juice! (I promise this will not become a running blog. I promise)

(p.s. my hands smell like my husband’s hockey equipment. Why?)

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