These Boots Were Made For Walking

Hello friends. Are you aware that in exactly one week it will be October? This means it’s officially fall, my favorite season (My, my, my, this post certainly has taken a whimsical turn. Maybe next we’ll start talking about how beautiful the leaves look when they start to turn).

‘Tis the season of hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks, chunky sweaters and kickass boots. (OH THE WHIMSY)

Here are the boots I am currently coveting. I am size 7.5. Please buy one or all of these and send them to me IMMESIATELY! (not a typo)

Alternately, if you do not feel comfortable purchasing ladies boots (even from within the anonymous confines of the Internet), I will also accept cheques for $250,000.

Thank you.


1. These, which I can’t embed a picture of because I am incompetent

2. These. (why can’t shoe websites do away with Flash and just give me a picture I can link to goddammit?!)

3. These. Obviously. Still.

This is pointless if I can’t attach pictures. I want boots. Lots and lots of boots.


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