Today is laundry day, dog walking day, cleaning up the finer remnants of a five day bachelor-weekend day, so it’ll be light on posting but I do have a few things in the works for the upcoming week.

I wrote a lot on the plane. I had to, to calm myself down from losing my boarding pass literally five seconds after the bag-check lady handed it to me. I still have no idea what I did with it. I searched my bags, my pants, my purse, the bathroom garbage can (in case I somehow threw it out with my paper towels…? I don’t know, I was getting desperate) before going back to see if they could replace it.

I expected arguments and red tape, but it took roughly two seconds.

TAKE NOTE, fellow stressed and disorganized travelers: It was no big deal.

Except I looked so stressed and disorganized that I was selected for every security screening imaginable, hand swab, bag swab, pat down, pelvic exam (whaaaaaaaat? jk jk).

To tide you over in the meantime, all of the poor-quality iPhone pictures I took throughout the trip. All eight of them. Hey, at least they’re not instagram – amirite?

Here we see a random elephant, probably in town for a Bollywood premiere (and also a large vein in my neck as I try and pose hard and instead, fail hard), a cute waiter that “someone” had a crush on and was borderline obsessed with. (Hint: “Someone” was not me this time. At least she picked a real person). An anti-capitalism poster that I adored. Some food. A Segway tour (!) and New York Fries with delicious, delicious “cheese” sauce.

Regular posting resumes tomorrow.

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