Tonight is my last night in the Tdot (permission granted to slap me for saying that). It’s like the whole weekend I’ve been in training with Kris by my side as trusty tour guide and tomorrow I venture out to navigate buses and subways on my own.

First, a visit to the grandparents which my Grandaddy tells me they’ve circled in red on their calendar. He also told me that Annie, my grandmother, isn’t doing so well.

“The old girl” is what he calls her, with the soft patina of sixty years of love glimmering through.

Then I’m off to the airport; the country mouse returning to the country, leaving this big city with its hustling and shuffling, frenetic pace and shirtless homeless men, beautiful people and glittering nightlife.

Upcoming posts upon my return:

– Further analysis of the Ryan Gosling/celebrity scenario ( I figured it out)

– A sad end to my Urban Outfitters saga. Which isn’t an end at all, actually, but it COULD have been.

– Perhaps a few more select glamour photos, if I am feeling particularly vain and/or self indulgent.

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