I apologize in advance for disappointing you

A quick update from the land of floating houses, high-waisted shorts and too many sisters to count.

Yesterday: We woke up startlingly early, maybe it was the deep sleep uninterrupted by trains, being rocked on the ocean. Coffee on the porch, a long walk with Gus around the still-quiet streets of Victoria, then a family yoga class on the third floor of another of the floating houses (at one point a noise which sounded suspiciously like a fart came from Adam. “Ìt was the mat!`he cried immediately, `Sure`replied the dude beside me as we all laughed at his panicked face.)

Then shopping, to the farmer’s market where I bought a few Abeego’s (and you should too) then what I thought was a potluck family dinner at my sister’s, which quickly turned into a huge party featuring all of her favorite bearded hipster dudes. Adam got an ice cream cake with a pirate on it and we toasted my littlest sister who leaves for Thailand for a year on Tuesday.

Oh, also. Gus drank some weird fluorescent green liquid and seems to have developed some sort of powers. He keeps barking `LIAR`!

I can`t be bothered to rotate it. Turn your damn heads.

Everyone`s out adventuring and I`m still reeling from my two drinks last night. My mouth feels like the dirty sweatsocks we used to make Gus wear.

My sister gave me a shirt that says `I heart BJ`.

BEIJING, guys.


(I`m sorry that`s all I`ve got. My mind is a piece of shit.)

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