Hey y’all. I’m headed to the island for the long weekend to visit the anarchy that is my family. Four sisters (my brother in absentia, sadly) my mom, Gus, and various husbands/boyfriends will all clutter my mom’s 428 sq foot floating house. Should be interesting.

In the meantime I wanted to do a bit of housekeeping for new readers, and those unfamiliar with Tumblr. If you’re fairly computer literate you can skip it and check back later for pictures of the anarchy.


At the end of each post is “Comments” written in pink (or sometimes purple or orange) type. Click on it and you will be taken to the permalink for each post where you can submit a comment powered by Disqus. I have enabled anonymous comments but it still asks for an email, feel free to put abc@abc.com, it’ll accept it. 

There’s also a thumbs up/down button if you just want to leave feedback on a particular post instead of a whole comment.


This is a feature available only to those with a tumblr account, where they can click on the title of the post to get to the permalink page, and then either heart (like) , reply, or reblog each post.


Also at the bottom of each post, directly after the time posted is a series of words, these are the categories each post has been filed under. If you click one of the words you will see all of the posts filed in that category. For example clicking “Gus” will take you to all posts featuring a 170lb slobbering mastiff.

The Sidebar

Features a search function (which doesn’t work at all actually, blame Tumblr for that one), a home button which will take you back to the main page from anywhere on the site, a random button which will serve up a random post picked from the archives, then the archives itself where you can see everything I’ve ever posted.

The RSS feed is a way to subscribe to my posts without actually having to visit Sweet Madeleine, often using Google Reader, or something similar. Ask lets you ask me (or Adam) things and Twitter and Flickr takes you to my accounts for each one.

Note: If you can’t see anything in the sidebar except for the search box and “about Madeleine” and “links”, it’s because you’re viewing the site in Safari. For some reason Safari makes the formatting look all wonky – Sweet Madeleine is best viewed in Firefox or ie for the time being.

Read More

I’ve started breaking up long posts and putting the majority of them after a jump, to avoid cluttering up the main page. Just click “Read More” if you’d like to continue reading the post. 

SO. Boom!

Posting may be a bit light this weekend but there will be tidbits here and there. Have a good one!

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