Happy Birthday Gus!


For your first birthday I bought a doggie cake and threw you and your puppy friends a party. Last year I made you pupcakes. How did I outdo myself this year? Ah, I almost forgot it entirely until my mum reminded me yesterday.


Oh. Wow. This is awkward. Sorry buddy.

You are now three years old and 175 lbs. Your heart continues to outgrow your significant poundage however- everyone we meet falls in love with you immediately (except the guy who picks bottles after Adams baseball games, you bark and chase him and he would probably enjoy it if you choked). It’s true what they say, dogs do love unconditionally and even if we’ve been gone for just half an hour we get a big grin from you when we walk through the door.


Last night Adam was out late watching a football game so I committed the once unforgivable sin of letting you in the bed. You climbed up and made yourself right at home- within moments you were snoring. I buried my face in your neck and smiled, your smell was so warm and familiar. Then you released an audible fart and it was almost like Adam was there with us. My little family.


You outweighed me at 8 months old, once gave me a bleeding nose by bashing your thick head into mine as you jumped for a stick and regularly amaze me with how gentle you are with babies (human and otherwise).


We love you Gustus, Happy Third Birthday!


Edit: WAIT, Gus has the same birthday as Madonna?! Guys, this explains SO much! The constant reinvention, the gapped teeth, the burgeoning love affairs with pups less than half his age. Guys, Gus is a material dog in a material world. Respect.

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