We arrived home at 7am, doggedly walking off the plane with the other three hundred or so idiots who burned themselvesĀ  to a crisp during their too-short stay in Maui.

I was wearing a nautical-striped long sleeved shirt and jean shorts, the skin peeking out above my shirt (my decolletage, as it were) was bright, tomato, painful, future-age spot sunburned red, while the miles of leg I was showing remained stubbornly white, save a few bruises.

Adam’s parents, also known as the kindest people in the world. picked us up from the airport and drove us home as we sleepily answered queries about our trip through a haze of jet lag and sunstroke.

We greeted one RUL excited dog, napped, and are now knee-deep in salty, sandy laundry. So happy to be home. Regular blogging resumes tomorrow.


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