lipstick wearing hussy

I have a new best friend and her name is FUCHSIA LIPSTICK. Bought it yesterday, can’t stop wearing it. And it’s bright..like, BRIGHT.


I’ll take some decent pictures of me wearing it when I get a spare moment – right now we are smack dab in the middle of one of our employees vacation, which means that I get an anti-vacation, working with Adam during the day and then being heckled by teenagers in the evenings. This makes for lots of rushing, busyness and buying of 75 cent samosas for lunch instead of packing something healthy.

Oh and also our car broke down on Sunday. In Vancouver. In rush hour traffic. On one of the few hot and sunny days we’ve had so far this summer. We had just picked up my fabulously big-haired ladyfriend from the ferry and also had GUS in the car and were en route to the folk fest on our ONE DAY OFF so, you know, it was a great time to be stuck in a broken car, an hour away from home frantically making phone calls to dealerships and mechanics (all closed on Sunday btw. Hey, wanna get rich? Become a mechanic open on Sundays. I would have done anything to get the car fully operational again)

SO. Fuschia lipstick. It was necessary.

Did you know that in recessions, sales of lipstick actually go up? Us women, we’re like “Yeah we’re broke and our businesses are failing BUT LOOK AT MY LIPS!”.

Moral of the story? Apparently I am one broken fanbelt away from becoming a lady of the night. Also, Looking Hot: Don’t underestimate the difference it makes.

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