“My feet don’t even sweat so I could have outsourced the whole thing to Adam, and basically earned tons of cash while mocking my husband for wearing ladies socks.” That’s awesome! Take total advantage of a guy’s fetish for female feet by sending him socks worn by another dude. But hey, as long as you get your $$$$, fuck the freaky foot pervert, right? I mean, it’s not as if he’s a real person giving you his real, hard earned money, afterall!

(the above is a comment I received after my last post. My response is below)

Woah woah WOAH.


I’m not mocking foot fetishists. I don’t care what turns you on, feet, furry animals, whips, chains whatever. What happens in the bedrooms (or kitchens, or cars, or boats) of two consenting adults is frankly, none of my business.

The post a half-serious lighthearted lament for a lost opportunity to make some cash and honestly, if anyone saw my husband and I side by side, even the straight dudes would choose his sweaty socks over mine. He’s pretty cute.  

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