Remember how I was talking about how people waste too much money on decorating their homes? Hahahaha me neither! Now, lets get down to business.


Guys, I created a moodboard. Truth.

Here we see inspiration for the re-do, our Noresund bed, trusty relic of the IKEA era.

Aside: do we all go through an IKEA stage just like we all go through a (swiftly regretted) short hair stage? Mine was Grade Eight, it was vaguely reminiscent of a mullet and I got called K.D. Lang for months.

Although it is tempting to turf the IKEA bed, I am NOT going to go the consumer whore route on this one and buy a new one. No. Even though I saw an amazing vintage wrought iron bed in a second hand store complete with flaking paint (probably lead-based SUPER AUTHENTIC!) and had to physically restrain myself from opening my wallet. Also it was WHITE. I am superwoman.

Anyway, I’m going to paint it the bed.  Spray paint it to be precise. This is doable right? That’s what I thought. The three paint dabs are potential colour choices, teal was in there for a bit but I think teal is overdone. So three bed colour choices, “Chinchilla” by Martha for the walls (currently the walls in my living room too), the duvet cover and some fun throw pillows. 

Thoughts? I’ve never been a fan of orange but I’m leaning that way on this one.


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