Every morning I hostage-talk myself out from under the covers and try and scrape the remainders of last-night’s smeared mascara from beneath my eyes. I used to meditate in the mornings but it was an extremely frustrating process for me and I stopped after falling asleep mid-meditation on two different occasions, waking up at least twenty minutes later, drooling and stiff necked.

So these days, after not-meditating I make myself a cup of green chai tea with honey and almond milk and sit down at the computer to read my WEBSITES.

I open up like eight tabs simultaneously so I can toggle between them, this of course is the worst sort of multitasking. What do I read?

I take as long as it takes to work my way through these sites, sipping my tea and musing about the words I’m ingesting. It’s a good way to wake up, I just wish I could manage to do it earlier.

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