More mass-produced consumer junk (and some NOT mass-produced consumer junk) I want to waste my money on now


These boots from FeetFirst (via Locale Shoes) Love. LOVE. I’ve been obsessing about them in black AND in greige for years…Why haven’t I bought them? Because then what would I do with my time silly? I’d have to leave my house! Wearing the boots!


This duvet cover from West Elm. They didn’t ship to Canada and then recently I received an email from them about their new INTERNATIONAL! SHIPPING! which, upon further reading, includes countries like Sweden and Pakistan but (of course) not Canada. Why is my life so hard?


This pillow from Sukan on etsy. Right?


Something -anything- from the Orphan Drawers Project (discovered via Apartment Therapy). When I saw this I think I peed a little, as well as letting out an involuntary exclamation of “Oooh!”. Look at all of the drawers! Drawers for putting things in! I want to go to there.

This painting by Vincenzo Rizzo on Etsy. I love art featuring women which goes beyond idealizing the female form, beyond softly lit flesh and hair. Colour! Expression! Straight-on stares! Love.

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