I spent about 45 minutes crafting an incredible post which then disappeared when my computer crashed ( No I didn’t save it, who am I, wonder woman?).

Undaunted I began rewriting, trying to grasp lost sentences and ghosts of thoughts- and then IT CRASHED AGAIN.

You guys, I love you so much and I know how you wait with bated breath for my next post and because I do this for you ( It’s ALL for you!) I am going to rewrite it again tonight, because I’m awesome like that.

In the meantime, some thoughts regarding my dog:

  • I am trying to train Gus to shed all of his hair once a week in a ritual involving my backyard, rubber gloves, and a vigorous rubdown that would put a Swedish masseuse to shame. Hair gathers in drifts across my lawn and I, under the guise of leaving it for the birds, don’t pick it up. My neighbour gives me the side eye but I’ll be damned if some poor sparrow is left shivering in his sub-par nest because of my overly scrupulous lawn maintenance habits.
  • We used to try to keep Gus off the couch and now I leave our bedroom door open so he can sleep on our bed. Why? Because dear reader, (incidentally I never thought I would be saying this, never thought I’d be THIS person) I’m too lazy to stop him and it’s easier to wash our sheets than the couch slipcovers.

You see what I go through? It’s all for you. I am laying bare my secret shame FOR YOUR JUDGING PLEASURE.

You’re welcome.

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