Adam and I out for sushi

Me: I’m not going to get the all-you-can-eat, I eat like 2 rolls and I’m full.
Adam: You have to or I can’t! Don’t ruin this for me.
Adam: (to waitress) Can I order again after I eat this stuff?
Adam: (anxiously twisting his chopstick wrapper) Where IS she? Can’t she see I’m done with my first round?
Adam: Ok I’m not paying $40 to sit here while they wander around and I get full.
Adam: This is how they get you. They bring the first stuff really fast and then they take their sweet time and you don’t want to eat anymore.
Adam: Oh look, those customers are more important than me, they get big tea.
Adam: (burps) Oh thank god, that freed up some room.
Adam: I think when my eyes are open like THIS I look dumb, but when I squint I look witty.
Adam: Ok third round, do you want anything else?
Me: No, I’m full.
Adam: I’ll just order you some more agedashi tofu and an avocado roll just in case.
Adam: This jello tastes really fresh.
Adam: (as we are driving home) I’m really disappointed in you, you only ate like $8 worth of sushi.

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