This is a very special GPOYW, the vainest vanity of them all! Internet, I present to you my favorite picture of myself. Yes! It’s true! I have scoured all of the pictures of myself ever taken in my entire life and (after taking a moment to bask in my beauty and charm) whittled them down to this. Taken at my wedding just after I got my hair did. I’ll give you a moment.

But for reals, this picture is a big deal. Along with a debilitating kidney condition, my mother has passed down to me by way of genetics a complete lack of photogenic ability. In posed pictures I look strained, contrived – as my sisters say “Like a reh-tahrd”. So apparently all I need is a great photographer snapping away with high quality lenses and expensive equipment, perfect lighting, editing, Photoshopping and processing and… BAM! A photo I can show the world!

If that’s not natural beauty well I just don’t know what is.

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