Friday Night Roundup 04/22-04/28

Friday Night Roundup - SweetMadeleine,ca

Here are my published posts from 04/22 to 04/28. Enjoy!

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I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it

Pssst! If you’re new here at SweetMadeleine, this post (like most posts, if I’m being honest) does contain a few four-letter words. I’m sorry/You’re welcome/You’ve been warned 🙂

I Slay All Day print by Simple Element on Etsy

One my of favourite gossip columnists (Elaine Lui of LaineyGossip), often talks about something she calls “showing your work”. It’s shorthand for women needing to be upfront about the work they put into their achievements instead of diminishing them, demurring, and acting like it wasn’t hard. Pretending it wasn’t work.

This post is me doing that.

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Friday Night Roundup 04/08-04/21

Friday Night Roundup - SweetMadeleine,ca

A twofer this week because I was away last Friday. Here are my published posts from 04/08 to 04/21. Enjoy!

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Skoki Part 2: Duct Tape and Muscle Relaxants

Skoki Part 2: Muscle Relaxants and Duct Tape

Same same but different. (They were flown in by helicopter along with a flush toilet, for one)

In retrospect, it should have been obvious to me that we’d be snowshoeing uphill.

I mean, I was aware we would be trekking through the Rocky Mountains, an area not exactly known for its wide expanses of flat terrain, and yet I was still somewhat shocked when we began our hike in and it was uphill. Very uphill. Uphill a lot and for a long time and then steeper uphill and more uphill and then the mother of all uphills just to really fuck with me.

I’m not even sure I was aware that snowshoes could go uphill, but I think that’s because I was envisioning those old wood tennis-racket looking things. In short, I had no fucking idea what I was getting myself into.

Here’s what happened.

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Skoki Part 1: I’m fucked, aren’t I?

The other day, Olive asked me if I could run.

She wasn’t asking me to run, mind you. She was asking if I was physically capable of running because, presumably, she’s never seen it.

It’s true that I’m not often found running and jumping and engaging in strenuous activity or competitive sports. Or even mild activity and recreational sports, if we’re being honest. I’ve never been super athletic and my kidney condition means that I’m always hovering on the edge of fatigue just from daily activities. It’s one of the reasons I love yoga so much, it’s a way to stay in shape and maintain some sort of muscle tone without having to sweat buckets of precious electrolytes. But, of course, Olive doesn’t see me in yoga class and while I’m sure I have run in her presence, it’s obviously happened rarely enough that she doesn’t remember it.

I’m sharing this anecdote with you for two reasons. First, to add yet another example of Olive’s trolling skills to the already-long list. And second, so that you will have some context for the following story.

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