Come. Sit. Stay!

Saturday was Olive’s puppy paw-ty!

Sadly, the stranger I invited didn’t show up, but six of her little friends did along with their parents, my sister and her husband, and my mom! Our place never seemed quite so small as it did on Saturday, bursting with the chaos of so many kids, adults, and even a puppy guest.

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Five years ago, I began to grow.

I spent nine of the happiest months of my life growing bigger and bigger, my heart swelling along with my belly until one sunny October day I drove down to Vancouver and that belly, now comically large, was cut in two.

They pulled out a tiny, squalling, dark-haired little girl with big plushy lips, and I named her Olive.

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All You Need Is Less, Eco-Friendly Living

The ugly truth about fast fashion

Lately, I’ve found myself talking a lot about fast fashion – the cheaply made clothing that looks great on the rack, costs less than a meal out, and unfortunately often lasts less than a few seasons.

I touched on the subject in my book, recently wrote this article for Earth911 about H&M’s clothing recycling initiative, and last week I was interview by a Canadian news network called CBC to get my take on the issue, and why it can be problematic to rely on corporations to guide our environmental decisions.


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Mother Hustler

Hustle by the SunshineGarden on Etsy

Hustle by the SunshineGarden on Etsy

When Olive is gone, I catch up. I catch up on long-read articles I’ve bookmarked and emails I’ve put off answering and invoices I’ve neglected to send. The three days are typically jam-packed with a flurry of activity and getting-shit-done-ness that just doesn’t exist when she’s here.

Truth be told, I often feel woefully ill-equipped to the sort of multi-tasking focus that being a parent, particularly a mother, requires. Anywhere Olive and I go, I’m confronted with the type of mother I envy – the one with a meticulously packed bag filled with zero-waste snacks and a sweater in case it gets cold and all sorts of just-in-case shit that it would never, ever occur to me to bring.

Olive and I end up sitting in the corner of the Science Centre cafeteria gnawing on our purchased grilled cheese sandwiches like feral animals. Everyone who walks past with their homemade lunches immediately recognises us for what we are – chumps who forgot to plan better. Damn.

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Meet cute 

Olive is turning four soon, and I’m busily planning an awesome puppy party for her. I’ll definitely do a post on the party later, for now all you need to know is that since our place is small, I’m keeping things pretty simple – just close family and a few friends.

Originally, I wasn’t going to invite anyone from her preschool because there’s like fourteen  kids in her class and I’m not sure about the etiquette around inviting only a handful of them… Is that a dick move? I feel like it’s terrible if a group of them are talking about her party while others didn’t get to go and might feel left out… Experienced moms, please tell me how you do this!

Anyway, there’s one little boy in her class who Olive absolutely adores, and she really wanted to invite him so I figured, why not?  It seemed less dickish somehow  if there was just one kid invited. (Is it? Or is it worse? Pls help.)

Anyway, today I talked to his mom after school and got her number to send her the invitation.

This is what happened next. (Names changed and info redacted for obvious reasons.)

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